About Us

Burlington Associates in Community Development, LLC is a national consulting cooperative established in 1993. The firm's partners and associates operate out of offices in Burlington VT, Boston MA, Bozeman MT, and Petaluma CA.

Burlington Associates has worked in a diverse array of inner-city neighborhoods, suburban towns, and rural communities, assisting nonprofit developers of affordable housing, municipal governments, state agencies, and community development financial institutions throughout the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Belgium, and England.

Burlington Associates is the premier provider of technical assistance to community land trusts (CLTs) in the United States. Our partners have worked with over 150 CLTs, assisting many in getting started; assisting many others with long-term planning for the stewardship of their portfolios and the sustainability of their operations. The “CLT Resource Center,” which Burlington Associates added to its website in 2005 and is updated frequently, has become the first place to which practitioners and policymakers often turn when seeking training guides, legal documents, program evaluations, policy research, and other technical information about CLTs. Most of these materials can be downloaded free of charge.