Burlington Associates in Community Development, LLC

We are a national consulting cooperative founded in 1993 to support community land trusts (CLTs) and other shared equity homeownership strategies. Operating out of offices in Burlington VT, Bozeman MT, Boston MA, and Petaluma CA, we specialize in the development and evaluation of public policies and private initiatives that:

  • Enhance security of tenure for lower-income households by expanding access to shared equity homeownership;
  • Protect the community’s investment in affordable housing, transit-oriented development, urban agriculture, and neighborhood commercial districts by preventing the removal of public or private subsidies;
  • Ensure the long-term stewardship of housing and other community assets – preserving affordability, promoting sound maintenance, and preventing foreclosure; and
  • Nurture a robust “third sector” of private, nonprofit organizations capable of working in concert with government to deliver housing, economic development and other essential services to local neighborhoods and communities.