The Community Land Trust Reader

The Community Land Trust Reader, published in 2010 by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and edited by John Emmeus Davis, a founding partner of Burlington Associates in Community Development, brings together the seminal texts that inspired and defined the community land trust movement. The book's 47 essays – some of which have never before appeared in print, and others written expressly for this volume -- trace the intellectual origins of a versatile model of tenure that was shaped by the social theories of Henry George, Ebenezer Howard, Ralph Borsodi, and Arthur Morgan, and by social experiments like the Garden Cities of England and the Gramdan villages of India. The book also examines contemporary applications of the CLT and looks ahead to challenges and opportunities likely to affect the growth of CLTs in the United States and abroad.

A print version of the book may be purchased directly from the publisher.

An ebook version of The CLT Reader is available through Amazon.