Evaluation, Planning, and Program Design

Listed here is a representative sample of clients who have looked to Burlington Associates for assistance in:

         ◦  Evaluating the performance of public policies and public programs that
             provide funding for affordable housing or require inclusion of affordable
             housing as a condition of municipal approval;

         ◦  Assessing the policies, procedures, and performance of nonprofit
             organizations charged with responsibility for the long-term stewardship of
             resale-restricted, owner-occupied housing; or

         ◦  Preparing strategic plans and business plans.

Bozeman, MT

Conduct assessment to determine how best to establish and operate a community land trust in Bozeman's expensive and rapidly appreciating housing market. After this assessment determined that the most effective and sustainable strategy would be to incorporate and establish a new, focused community land trust organization, develop a business plan to guide the creation of the CLT entity and its operations between 2020-2024.

houston Community land trust (houston, tx)

At the request of the director of the City of Houston Housing and Community Development department - and under contract with Grounded Solutions Network - draft a preliminary 5-year business plan for a community land trust to be sponsored by the City of Houston. (2017)

colorado health foundation (denver, co)

Preparation of a study “Evaluating the Potential for Establishing or Expanding Community Land Trust Programs in Eight Colorado Counties” (2019)

city of lakes community land trust (minneapolis mn)

Assist the City of Lakes CLT to explore the feasibility of establishing and operating a commercial community land trust initiative to preserve the availability and affordability of commercial space for minority businesses in north Minneapolis.

5-year CLT business plans (to name a few)

  • Palmetto Community Land Trust, Charleston SC
  • Cass Clay Community Land Trust, Fargo ND
  • Raleigh Area Land Trust, Raleigh NC
  • Utah Community Land Trust, Provo UT
  • West Side Community Land Trust, Charlotte NC
  • Uniondale Community Land Trust, Uniondale NY
  • Columbia Community Land Trust, Columbia MO

women's community revitalization project (philadelphia, pa)

Facilitation of a board & staff planning process and drafting of a pair of three-year strategic plans (2015-2018; 2019-2022).

urban land conservancy (denver co)

Preparation of a “Feasibility Study & Business Plan for a Proposed Community Land Trust Program Serving Denver’s Globeville, Elyria and Swansea Neighborhoods” (2017).

atlanta land trust (atlanta ga)

Preparation of a business plan covering the period of July 1, 2016 – December 31, 2019

City of Denver (Denver, CO)

Critical evaluation of the legislative requirements and administrative procedures for regulating the eligibility, occupancy, and affordability of moderately-priced dwelling units created through Denver’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance.

MacArthur Foundation & City of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Research and report on “options and issues” involved in sponsoring, organizing, and operating a citywide community land trust.

Minnesota CLT Coalition (Minnesota)

Assistance to help a statewide coalition of existing and developing CLTs to identify, implement and promote “best practices.” Facilitation of strategic planning process to determine future organizational structure and workplan.

NeighborWorks® America (Washington, DC)

Evaluation of NeighborWorks’ national program that provides operating grants to members of the NeighborWorks network.
Recommendations for revising the underwriting criteria and simplifying the process for awarding these operating grants.

Vermont Department of Housing & Community Affairs (Montpelier, VT)

Design and facilitation of an eight-month, state-wide planning process, evaluating and redesigning the Vermont Community Development Program, the administrative vehicle for distributing CDBG funds.